U.S. Laws of 7

Here in follows the 7 primary laws of Magic in the U.S. and Canadian Magical Territories.

The First Law of Magic

The first law prohibits the killing of humans with magic. A plea of self-defense is allowed in mitigation, though it seems to work only rarely. Grey Cloaks often wield swords when detaining and executing warlocks to avoid a technical infraction of this Law. Wardens have from time to time used lethal magic against human wizards and witches Grey Cloaks are given some latitude in this while defending other life. The use of magic to kill non-human beings, on the other hand, is lawful; a wizard may, for example, use magic to kill a ghoul, a vampire or any being of the Nevernever without breaking this Law if in defense of innocent life without need for Judicial oversight. Any Wizard or Witch who would use Magic to Kill is refereed to as a Warlock.

The Second Law of Magic

This law prohibits the shape shifting of other beings. See also shapechangers.

The Third Law of Magic

This law prohibits the forcible violation of a person’s mind. Due to the laws being in place research into mind magic is remarkably limited and as a result, training to resist such invasions is very basic..

The Fourth Law of Magic

This law prohibits the magical domination of another being’s mind. No one is allowed to use magical or non-magical means to enslave or enthrall a sentient being.

The Fifth Law of Magic

This Law prohibits both research into and the practice of necromancy, described as the summoning, binding and exploitation of the unwilling dead. The Law applies specifically to human necromancy, but the Grey Cloaks (and, by implication, the rest of the U.S. Department of Magic) still frown upon any form of the practice. Communicating with spirits of the dead who are willing to do so is stated not to be a violation of this law.

The Sixth Law of Magic

This law prohibits any attempt to change the past through temporal manipulation for fear of paradoxes. Even magical prediction is stated in the books to be frowned upon except in the vaguest, most general forms. It is noted however, that some beings exist in the past, present, and future at once, and that such beings can be dangerous for this reason. It is also stated that paradox is “an overrated threat” due to a property of temporal inertia that gives events a strong tendency to occur the way the already have once, regardless of interference.

The Seventh Law of Magic

This law prohibits wizards and witches from researching or dealing with beings from another universe, known as Outsiders

U.S. Laws of 7

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